Alarm Centers

Staffed by doctors, nurses and coordinators, we provide customer service and assistance anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Provider Network

With over 50 medical, security and logistics providers network , these professionals are poised to give on-the ground, local support to our members.

Emergency Services

Air Ambulances and patient transport for patient and client transport and en route medical stabilization


Our Portfolio

here are some of our service that we have delivered

Untuk meningkatkan service, Kualitas dan Tingkat Kepuasan Client, Untuk meningkatkan Kualitas, Efisiensi dan Produktivitas serta Menciptakan system manajemen yang baik
Mengadakan  PELATIHAN ISO 9001 – 2008.
We put the medical service not always related with the money, but what we can give the service base on what client need. Even if the service is not in the contract, we will provide the service at once and then we will do the financing accordingly.
Learning Center is a division which provides both internal and external training. We create internal training to improve our medic team on their medical and safety knowledge. We also provide external training to give some knowledge about first aid or basic fire fighting knowledge

Pearl Medic ia reliable in the broad range of medical services and have always found to be very accommodating and professional company. Their staffs were compassionate and very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. They did everything they could to keep the client satisfied. I myself was very impressed with the company’s professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services for future events. Yitro A. C. Wilar (Field Medical Officer) – Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd.
In relation to the service from Pearl Medic, in overall we are satisfied with (a) their experience personnel, professionalism and willingness to work together, (b) competitive service price, (c) good alarm center and their quick response in handling emergency situation. Yandi (HSE Manager) – PT Sigur ROS Oil.

About Us

We are medical service provider offering tailored medical services that suit to specific clients’ requirements.

Alarm Center

0812188484858, 021–29386426
021-29475208, 021-29386809

Our Address

Signature Park Tower B, GF No. K03 Jl. MT Haryono Kav 22 Tebet Timur Jakarta Selatan 12820 - Indonesia