We create internal training program to always improve our medic team on their medical and safety knowledge. We also provide external training program to give our clients knowledge about First Aid or Basic Fire Fighting knowledge and skills in order to equip them in their daily operational activities.

To create more first aider that could help to decrease the mortality rate due to an accident.


  1. To build a team framework that continously reinforce common purpose, clear direction, open communication, trust and commitment;
  2. To prepare new employee (Doctor and Paramedic) to be ready to face up their responsibility as a Doctor and a Paramedic onsite; and
  3. To Provide knowledge for laymen about First Aid and Fire Rescue.

Internal Training Program

  1. Alarm Center Medical Refresher Program;
  2. Doctor and Paramedic Medical Refresher Program;
  3. Clinical Attachment For Alarm Center Medic;
  4. Induction Program; and
  5. Pearl Medic Health Bulletin Program.

External Training Program

  1. First Aid Training Program;
  2. Basic Fire Fighting Training Program;
  3. Pearl Medic Health Bulletin Program; and
  4. Pearl Medic Life Saving Club.